Medical Casters Wafcon 2022: Zambia Star Banda Defended By Human


Medical Casters Wafcon 2022: Zambia Star Banda Defended By Human

Wheel frame use high quality Poly-amide
Wheel tread adopt German origin PU material — Very durable
Wheel size: 100 x 65mm wide
Turning radius:29mm
Lock stem option: 32x50mm, 28 x 95mm
Dramatic Load capacity: 125kg/PC
Static load capacity:150kg/PC
Lock functional: Free,Total Lock,Direction Lock

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Height Lock Stem Loading
NSCLCTPRL-4 100x65mm PA+PU Ball Bearing 129mm 28x95mm 110 kg


Wheel, Caster – All medical device manufacturers

MedCaster Dual Wheel series casters are a low-profile medical caster solution. A dual ball raceway provides easy swiveling, and a precision wheel bearing offers

Medical Casters & Wheels

STEINCO high quality medical casters and wheels: Nylon casters and steel castors for medical technology & medical supplies.

What are the three types of caster

There are 3 types of caster angle:

Positive Caster. Positive caster is when the top upright mounting point is more rearward of the car than the bottom mounting point when looking at the side view. …

Neutral Caster. …

Negative Caster.

What is the purpose of casters

Types of Casters & Wheel Guide

A caster is an assembly that includes a wheel and a mount. Casters support and make it easy to maneuver carts, racks, dollies and other equipment. Casters come in different materials, wheel diameters, tread widths, load ratings and overall heights to give your equipment mobility in many kinds of work environment.

Why are they called casters

What is the Difference Between Casters & Wheels – Douglas …

As the center hub of the wheel revolves around the center of the swivel section it is said to ??cast?? in that small circle. Thus, caster! This essential swiveling feature of casters makes it so much easier to move heavy loads and turn tight corners in a warehouse.

Our Medical Casters range in size from 3/4 to 1-7/8 . You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Medical Casters



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