Auto Locking Casters For Medical Chair On Casters, Mobile Chair


Auto Locking Casters For Medical Chair On Casters, Mobile Chair

Wheel Material:PU,PA,ABS
Size:5” x 60mm ; 6” x 60mm
Loading Height:160mm ; 185mm
Loading Capacity:100kg-150kg
Static Loading: 160kg ~210kg
Lock:Central Locking
Bearing Type:Double Ball Bearing
Central Locking Optional: 32mm x 50mm , 28mm x 98.5mm
Widely used as hospital bed caster,Medical trolley caster, stretcher caster,Laboratory,Casters,healthcare bed casters,UNIVERSAL TABLES caster

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Plate Mount
CLCPUS-5 125 x 60 TPR Ball Bearing / /
CLCPUS-6 150 x 85 TPR Ball Bearing / /
Caster No. Height Bolt Hole Thread Stem Loading
CLCPUS-5 160 / / 32 x 50 100 kg
CLCPUS-6 185 / / 32 x 50 150 kg



auto locking casters for medical (with Brakes)

Side lock brakes are engaged on the side of the casters and provide tension, essentially through the turning of a nut. These are widely used in applications

Self Braking Chair Casters auto locking casters for medical

Self-braking casters are available in compression and decompression models. Choice of models that automatically brake with or without weight; Constructed of

Self-Braking Chair Casters auto locking casters for medical

Slow your roll! Self-Braking casters are excellent chair caster replacement choices. No brake necessary: just add weight. Free Shipping over $150

Central locking casters lock degree selection

Because of this the central locking castors become more and more popular used as high end hospital bed casters and stretcher caster wheels.

Compression Brake Casters and Safety Casters

decompression brake safety casters. Decompression Safety Caster – Self Braking – Floor Safe Set of 4. Brake Applied Until Seated. 75 pound capacity per caster.

Product Description:


Introducing our high-quality auto locking casters specifically designed for medical equipment. These casters are a must-have accessory for healthcare facilities, hospitals, laboratories, and all types of medical settings.


Our auto locking casters are engineered with advanced technology to provide utmost convenience and safety. With a simple push of a lever, these casters automatically lock in place, ensuring stability and prevent any unwanted movements. This feature is crucial for medical devices and equipment that require stability, such as hospital beds, medical carts, IV stands, and more.


Crafted from durable materials, these casters offer excellent durability and long-lasting performance, even in demanding medical environments. They are designed to withstand constant use, heavy loads, and frequent movement, providing reliable support for essential medical equipment.


In addition to their superior functionality, our auto locking casters are also easy to install. They can be easily attached to various medical equipment using the included mounting hardware, requiring minimal effort and time.


The smooth and silent rolling action of these casters ensures hassle-free maneuverability, allowing healthcare professionals to easily transport medical equipment without causing disruption or disturbing patients. The non-marking wheels protect the floors from scratches and provide excellent traction, ensuring smooth movement on different surfaces.


Furthermore, our auto locking casters are designed with hygiene in mind. They are non-porous and easy to clean, helping to maintain a sterile and sanitized environment in medical settings, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.


Invest in our auto locking casters for medical equipment and experience the ultimate convenience, safety, and reliability. Transform your medical facility into a more efficient and secure environment, where medical professionals can focus on providing the best care for their patients.


Our Auto Locking Casters for Medical
range in size from 3/4 to 1-7/8 . You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Auto Locking Casters for Medical




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