Alternative Steinco Casters Hospital Bed Casters

Alternative Steinco Casters Hospital Bed Casters


Alternative Steinco Casters Hospital Bed Casters

Material: PA core,TPE wheel
Size: 75 x 50mm , 100 x 56mm, 125x60mm
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Usage:Hospital bed casters,metal trolley casters,and medical devices casters

Caster No. Wheel Material Bearing Height Thread Loading
ZTWT-3 75 x 50 PA+TPE Ball Bearing 95 M12 x 25 70 kg
ZTWT-4 100 x 56 PA+TPE Ball Bearing 120 M12 x 30 90 kg
ZTWT-5 125 x 60 PA+TPE Ball Bearing 150 M16 x 30 110 kg


Casters for hospital beds – STEINCO

The braked swivel casters, nylon casters, rubber casters, transport casters and twin wheel casters for hospital beds can be quietly and effortlessly locked

What are the wheels on a hospital bed called

A wheeled stretcher (known as a gurney, trolley, bed or cart) is often equipped with variable height frames, wheels, tracks, or skids. Stretchers are primarily used in acute out-of-hospital care situations by emergency medical services (EMS), military, and search and rescue personnel.

What is a caster in a hospital

Casters on hospital equipment will be used to transport patients, so it’s important that these casters do not fail. In a medical environment, the performance of your casters can truly be seen as a matter of life and death!

What are casters on a bed

What are castors on a bed Think of hospital beds. Bed castors are attached to the bottom of the leg to enable patients to be moved while still in bed. Castors for bed can be used at home too, if you need the bed to be mobile.

Why do hospital beds have wheels

As hospital beds often need to be moved from place to place, they typically come with wheels for easier portability. This is a helpful feature to have if a patient will be moved between a bedroom and a sitting room or will need to be wheeled between an operating theater and a recovery room.

Alternative Steinco Casters Hospital Bed Casters

Hospital Bed Casters

Hospital bed casters are specially designed wheels that are used on hospital beds to provide mobility and ease of movement. These casters are crucial for the smooth and efficient functioning of hospital beds, ensuring the safety and comfort of patients.


High-Quality Construction: Our hospital bed casters are made from premium quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The robust construction can withstand heavy loads and constant use in a healthcare setting.

Smooth and Silent Operation: The casters are equipped with precision bearings, allowing for smooth and silent movement. This feature is essential to maintain a quiet and peaceful environment in hospitals, ensuring patient comfort and uninterrupted rest.

Easy Maneuverability: With their swivel design, our hospital bed casters offer effortless maneuverability in all directions. This feature enables healthcare professionals to easily position and transport beds within hospital rooms, ensuring efficient patient care.

Locking Mechanism: Each caster is equipped with a reliable locking mechanism, which securely holds the bed in place when needed. This ensures the safety of patients during transfers and prevents any unintended movement.

Non-Marking Tread: Our hospital bed casters are designed with non-marking treads to protect hospital floors from scratches and damages. This feature helps maintain a clean and hygienic environment and extends the lifespan of hospital flooring.

Compatibility: Our casters are compatible with various hospital bed models and can be easily retrofitted to upgrade the existing bed system. This ensures a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities, without the need to replace entire bed units.

Easy Installation: The casters come with a simple installation process, requiring minimal time and effort. This allows for quick replacement or installation, ensuring minimal disruption in hospital operations.

Alternative Steinco Casters Hospital Bed Casters


Hospital bed casters are essential components in healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. They are used on various types of hospital beds, including standard beds, intensive care beds, and adjustable beds.

In conclusion, our hospital bed casters are designed to provide smooth and silent movement, easy maneuverability, and enhanced safety for patients. With their high-quality construction and compatibility with various bed models, they are a reliable and cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities.

Our Hospital Bed Casters range in size. You can also select your wheel size, wheel type, and caster options to fit you specific need. Click here Hospital Bed Casters

Alternative Steinco Casters Hospital Bed Casters


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